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Sound Familiar? For many small business owners getting "On the Net" seems like an impossibility. It's a daunting task at times just running your business, and the thought of trying to learn everything that is part of getting on the World Wide Web, just makes it worse. We can help you muddle through all that painlessly, and there are loads of low cost options for small businesses that want a web presence but are on a tight budget. Graphics, Logos, Animation, shopping carts, Catalogs, credit card processing; You name it - We can help. Let us build you a web presence that helps your business grow, and that can grow with it.

Does a small business mean a simple website? Sometimes that's all thats required to get you going. But simple doesn't have to mean "Cheesy". If whoever you approach to do web design work does more talking than listening, then they're probably not going to give you what you really need. Websites can be scaled up or down to suit the needs of the customer - we listen and we adapt. Serious or silly, sophisticated or sensuous, we can design whatever mood you feel sets the tone for your business. Look through our portfolio, if you like what you see, let us help you design a website that is unique and productive. Ask questions, make comments... we're here to help your small business make a unique web presence in cyberspace without you getting "spaced out"...

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